From a Distant Country

Joshua 9:6

In hindsight it seems Joshua was foolish in agreeing to the deception. However, how many times have we ourselves fallen for the deception of the “distant country”.

 It is too far to affect me, my family, or my Church. I will not be impacted by it, not by a long shot, we reason. It will never become a habit, it is just a one night fling, and the list of reasoning go on. And very soon we realize, and often too late that we have played with fire in our bosom and are badly burnt (Prov 6:27).
Sin is never too far, it is true for us, just as it was true for Cain (Gen 4:7).
Lot in Genesis 19:20, tells the angels to allow him to go to Zoar because it is a ‘little one’, meaning a small thing. A little sin, too small to give it any significance; and just like a little leaven, you can be sure just as God Word says it will, it will fill our entire being. It will consume our whole self– just like a wildfire caused by a carelessly tossed light, is raging and too large to be easily stopped.
We have treated sin and our propensity to sin as being ‘far and distant’ and ‘a small thing’ – small enough to be forgiven and forgotten in and of itself.
Don’t be fooled by the display sin puts on.