A Tad Emotional Dad

First book, and in many ways it feels like becoming a dad for the first time … again.

The night was sleepless as Joyce labored, literally, in the other room. It was the time we were all waiting for, nine months to be precise, and he was late, I mean the doctor. They are not very amenable I guess to be woken up at 4 in the morning and to have to rush to the hospital. Meanwhile, Dan was beginning to mistake the umbilical for a cashmere.

There wasn’t a sound when Dan peeped into the world on the morning of January 9th many moons ago, but his eyes were wide open.

More about the eyes soon, but that lull and the silence was just a prelude to a throaty cry that filled many rooms down the hallway. Dan was alright. Congratulations, best wishes and other social exchanges were taking place, as I stood in the operating room baffled by two awesome wonders. First, Joyce’s pain wrenched face and exhaustion was magically replaced with a gentle tenderness of a mom, as she cradled Dan. Secondly, I had just graduated to being a Dad.

Dan’s eyes! That’s a another story in itself. Doctors had warned us to expect the worst because of several complications during the pregnancy, even to the extent that his eyes would be ‘tender eyed’. I kid you not, the excited relief of all those in that room is seared in my head. Dan was born with the most beautiful set of eyes. You see, contrary to doctor’s advise we went ahead with the pregnancy trusting God that He will do all things beautiful. For parents in their mid-twenties, such faith should not have been natural, but we thank God for the experience.

So as I hold this book, 18 years a few months after that first landing on Dad Land, I am reminded afresh of how God works His purposes in us and through us.

The original book was given in its raw form to Dan- color photocopy and spiral bound on his 18th birthday.  It has now transformed itself into a mature and handsome book, just like Dan, courtesy Davidson Publishing. Kudos to them.

As parents, the greatest joy in parenting is when we see our children soar on the faith, principles, and character that was kneaded, and kindled while under our care. A labor of love till they are grown.

I pray something like that for this book.



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